Stashtober is right around the corner

is everyone getting ready for the glorious month long holiday, that ends in free candy, Happy Stashtober~ thought i'd get a jump on all you hairier folks
driving the kids to school today, i parked in front of this hideously sad sight, slowly decaying in the space between buildings

so incredibly amazingly picturesque, perfectly charming in blooming mildew, rot and swollen veneer

if i lived in a more spaciously lawned home, i'd collect all the free pianos given away, daily on Craig's list and set them out on my front lawn, bonnet up, exposed and slowly stop action film them for years and years and years

undressed roof tops

D. Henry put me on the spot a few weeks ago, he always has the greatest titles for these wild free street paintings, and pointing to this and me, i couldn't remember the title, crap~ not so great~
what ants paint, 2010

Ship vs bottle, 2010
i've just framed these and built stands for them, so i can let them free

backed the vans up, lined them up for some distant engine swap~ dreams

two tailgates as roof, i love my vanagon collection

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