shoulder to cry on

i would like the graphic novel to look just like this~

i've already started the second shoulder to cry on book, and have asked jake to work on doing the graphic novel art work, he's been doing, these dark, gross paintings, that i like, they're so good and well, dark, we'll see how he does

here i am mailing the book away to Canada

and being scolded~because there is no picture taking in the post office

finished my new sign, but the art attack van has a ruptured artery, so i can't poach up an art show in you living room

gothchicks in my backyard

way, too close up into my face

the 3-day novel publishers, wont let you put any of the novels on-line until they read them all and judge them, so after the new year, we'll plaster some lit of the blog
if you know anyone, or are anyone who dreams of writing a novel, a film, or just a really long out-line i would highly recommend this event, real good times, full of drama and nervous breakdown moments,and surprisingly fun.
I drank a whole lotta tea, ate cookies and powered thru it, i would suggest a straightedge life style to go with the weekend i think the clarity of mind helped bring me through to the end, just fine, if not a bit jittery
here's the link if you're interested

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