jalopy is one of my favorite words ~ i built this for the kids years ago, nobody was really into it, so i put it under the stairs, today we drove it around all day, down hills, over hobos and into trees
i took it out of storage because i'm building an artkart out of its superstructure and chassis, or a palanquin, so i can wander around the streets like a cartoon hurdygurdy man selling art and hiding within the walls because today i found out that i was scary

getting ready for tomorrows art install

very much a car theme going on today
a new car post over here~ http://blownbrown.blogspot.com/2010/09/1965.html

painting before i ruin it~ secret squirrel

vs the sketch for the painting. to show the world that i suck with a pen, i can only paint

then i had to candle my freaking ear, in hopes to pull the sand out, la push sand, water and life, and set Dashiell's head on fire

all posts still should end in flowers, as summer closes with a slam down upon our fingers

today kind of reminds me of the little rascals film where they build a go-kart fire engine and fly down hill for hours, loaded with kids, babies and dogs

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