i went for a hike~ after the micro-blizzard paralyzed the city~ and found my tree
the snow and the cold has striped the trees bare and the sun detonating over the hills illuminates my city in patches, in frozen swatches~

make your bed~


Arctic-camo city sculptor

DIY homeless shelter



all these houses i've never noticed before~

i live in the church district

don't block my drive-way district

tucked away

Washington hall in glory

divided car

looking south

looking north

some days~ when i go for walks i feel as though i could walk forever~


heading west, downtown


three towers

my art cart abandoned

some one's dream remnant

love the barn red wash

double go-cart gang-box

remembered my favorite tree stuck into the corner of the smallest house's tiny front yard

a mammoth canopy with two huge amputated wings soaring above this little hood

gloriously touched by cold morning light

the tree across the street has a ladder and a stand

incredibly large and black

i was going to ask the home owners about the tree but they were yelling, and i didn't want to innterupt

i found my tree

down the block sits this bit of unlucky house, across from my pool, boarded up, and tagged, it'll be gone soon, or burned to the ground

people need a roof over their heads, and claws to rip their way in

i have always liked this home, trapped on 23rd, facing a major arterial, bus routes- and a high school~ and have always hated the location
i went for a walk

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