i'm sponsored

by frosted mornings. . .
i'm sponsored by cheese balls

by thanksgiving dinners, i always miss~

by American multi-death corporations

and pie shops

by the litre of explosive diarrhea enema shot sugar high dynamites bliss

i'm addicted to crinkly plastic betrayal

retro poison~ memory lust

cheez-it wandering cracker girls, poaching snacks in darkened kitchens chill~ 4am

i'm worn out by cigarettes and porno snackages

a candy shop momentum~ toward colors, shapes and fruits~ forbidden

i've got straightedge without 7.99

probably white

this is an invented prison of plush house cat slavery~

here is your roommate/ girlfriend/ future self/ failure/ dream/ daughter

you don't smile much, what's wrong ?

it's my hair. . .

refugees from Young

the junta kicked me out of White teeth, Nice skin, Pretty hair, Soft lips plastic invasions

i had to live with anarchist super-models on the decorative trails of escalators, marginalized with housewives, with cash, with existence, with children, with everything, really~ with everything we could have ever wanted and didn't
i didn't, i never wanted anything as much as i want nothing
just drive away~
is it buy nothing day yet ?

choose second row up from the bottom third from the right~

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