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found this newspaper section in some ceiling somewhere~ back in the sixties Ocean Shores was a planned vacation development
apparently Nikki, Miss Grays Harbor surfed a pig in a one piece bathing suit~ damn, she's cold

nice board

the old recently defunct Seattle P-I

this picture really captures the essence of NW surfing, what, with all the girls, the sun, the warm summer days of long board dreams~

collage of my car photos, real photography, analog emulsions

picked up this book at the library because it's lovely, like a postcard from a friend

haven't read it yet, but have started, go request it, so you can hold it in your hands, it feels so good

Curtis Ebbesmeyer is a genius, scientist, thinker, beech comber, who wrote this book, which i read in two days, this book is amazing, he has a newsletter about all the crap that washes ashore our beaches and writes the whole history of things that float, from Japanese fisherman, arriving on Washington shores 500 years ago to Eskimos arriving in England during the Roman times,
all of this interesting history bottled into a book about Nike sneakers and duckies floating around the world on gyres of moving water

following the mysteries of left feet coming ashore in Vancouver, hockey gloves, and messages in bottles, and my favorite~ ghost ships

go, go now and read this book. the oceans are more than a surface to surf upon, and, and Curtis ties this whole world together by holding beach combing events at Ocean shores~ watch out for WWII submarine mines

After searches for Chevy vans from the sixties, this is the most popular query,
Prison weapons/home made weapons, if you look at blog stats, from google analytics

customized work related weapons

my famous left handed shank to poke Jimmy with, when i lost my mind and attacked

look at the fit~ so snug and tuned

slip resistant finger slots

My son told me he was putting on an art show today, on his old tricycle, a mobile art show, sweet
now i am off to paint my new show

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  1. oh no the shank!!!
    what a sweet art show....where does he get his ideas.....


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