fixed yer magazine

got my hands on the new issue of FIN magazine NW
the mailman stole my issue of FER not fur ~

super-hero issue

the annual Kook issue~

pop-out fun-boards rule !!!!

art editor

mitten buyers guide/ lobster claws

chicks in 6millimeters~ NW
big whale surfing

i cried and drooled

make your own~

peggers hitt'n lips~

off-shore and drilling~
projected laser adverts~
sponsor blurring action ~
choosing your line~

loch ness point punt !!!
4x4 thrusters fuck'n shit up

flab slab attack

stupid hats the new black
the new intern
water housing weapons
NEW wetsuit graphic customizer

rave surfer
ejaculated nihilism
don't shave your legs issue~ forever !



  1. i want a subscription too. im sending you a check right now.

  2. Me too!

    And I want to surf with mittens. Actually I want everyone to surf wearing mittens.


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