weber shortboard before the leg ropes

this is the first surfboard i ever bought, long before i ever went surfing, when i lived in the landlocked country of new york state, a beautiful cherry red Weber
with a thin ass and perfect white and black pinstripes

leash less~ sun damaged

about three inches thick~ 6 foot 4 inches long, i purchased this honey at the Monroe uni-bombers house, some guy i went to high school with who walked to town everyday to go to the library to use the Internet, to down load police department regulations, the yard sale was great, i bought a trunk load of revolutionary books manifestos and other crazy shit, his windows were all covered with plywood, and he sat at the kitchen table eating cornflakes and ignoring me, his girlfriend was selling all his shit
how much for the board ? i asked her and she gave me everything for ten bucks~ fuck'n nuts, growing beards in the suburbs with surfboards and Chairman Mao~ living the Dream of Che' in army jackets and yard sales

i took it out for a surf in Delaware, before i had an east coast quiver, and the old for real Nazis smiled and said, hey, you riding grannies old rocker ? and laughed, as i tried to paddle out in crazy blown out chopped hurricane vomit
the best book from the collection was Episodes from the revolution by Che, his diary from the first few months of the revolution in Cuba~ really great reading, maybe the wackos owned the board because it was red
i own it because it's beautiful~
NE!L ~

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