4, 3 not 5, 4

this is what it looks like in the autumn~ living in the van ~ with the rain and wind howl~ and me~ hiding with books and down
someone's lunch
did i ever tell you~ that i love my van ?
it must be very hard to be a marine mammal~ this poor soul spent high tide being pushed up the beach and had to bite some fool ~ watch out for dogs and try to get well~ her ribs were showing and her spine~ poor puppy~
fungi looking like horseshoe crab
life~ we'll have to walk around in some distant hell~ some far away paradise
Ho-quat sweat lodge
my Halloween costume
fully grown trees ~ sideways~ makes me think of applesauce doughnuts
build a fort
pretend ~
i used to collect river/ beach smooth drift-wood and bark / going to build giant jewelry out of it and little paintings~ someday
you could almost believe in gillie suited monsters curled up on the beach
to hold you underwater~ drag you to the bottom of the waves~ beneath a nice right reef break
i like beach snails~ and ravens~ and long romantic walks alone with dawn patrol's destruction
after the storm and everyone is packing wet sleeping bags into trunks
there is a website that deals in only S-F cover art, but they only make fun~ i love the shit out of these covers~ love the shit !
almost bought this puppy hugger~ but it sucked~ and was like out of focus
had this up to the counter~ but it wasn't on sale and they were asking about thirty bucks or so~ crazy owl headed owls
this water color was just adorable~ but i didn't buy it~
look at these people~ these giant ducks and swans ~ didn't buy this one either~ much too big
What !!! i didn't buy this black velvet beaut ! Why ? NE!L ? why ?

why ? NE!L~

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  1. Again some lovely shots here of the coast. That seal pup. . .heart breaking. And all those creatures keep going and going until the very end.


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