hello, my name is. . . 99 percenter

we out to the streets to lend what little support i could to the people trying to deliver the message to Obama~
which is the problem of course~ i found~ too many points of view ~ too much infighting~ even within a crowd~ four or five crowds~ a few hundred people maybe~ there was dissent ~ tea party oldsters~ the Larouche crowd with Hitler mustache / Obama posters and Communists and workers and a lot of older folks supporting unions and
the pentagon's budget is killing us and others
folks just back from #occupy wall street #
we need the infernal noise brigade we need punk rock cheerleaders we need roller girls in black ski masks and tightrope walkers fire dancing/ jugglers tossing Molotovs full of confetti
we need to think more like video games~ with Demonstrator inflatable decoys~ smoke-screens~ banana peels~ sticky sheets~ Mylar dirigibles with placards and cameras ~and stealth
if the police are going to use Kettle lines/ and safety netting to delineate us, we should build our own cages~ tear-gas proof geodesic domes over manhole escape hatches
we need water-proof signs/ pens / a pogo-schtick army
We need ghost protesters/ vampire protesters / charming monster movie goons
El Comite' really brought the crowd to their feet~ thank you ~
free all immigrants in detention
the streets were emptied and rainy / lonely/ after i took a break
we need to clean up after ourselves

me too


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