paintings bring out the worst in people

i wanted you to see this line drawing painting proclaiming myself as the ultra-new-noir-Nagel
a painting titled. . . there's a tree. . . before i manage to mess it all up
yesterday's sunset percolated through the raging forest fires on the peninsula was spectacular orange red mango i almost crashed and went blind
i couldn't sleep last night for some reason and i can always sleep, i read three differnent books and paced turned off the lights and turned them on again~and off
standing at the kitchen sink sippping water looking out to the street~ the guys next door are winding up a little evening, getting into cars and i see some young man staring at my street art show and peeing on my driveway
i loose it and run out front and start yelling at him and his three buddies behind him /the girls climbing into cars / but being nice clean cut college boys they all started apologizing and
what can we do ?
get a hose and clean my driveway ~ this is where my kids play
and at one in the morning a bunch of young guys in button down shirts are using garden hoses to clean their piss off my drive
while i pace~ inside/ laughing/ boiling with adrenaline

this is what art has given me


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