don't want to be a chair

pull a revolution from within ~ with so much simplicity
quit smoking and free yourself from financial/ physical dependance
i'm just saying ~
stop buying beer / wine / alcohol products~ the paper cash rewards will astound you
walk away from this air-conditioned slavery
this fence works both ways ~ all we have to do is stop using their products~ stop going to these glittering malls~ don't go out and watch a movie~ make your own~
that hideous inner strength to ~ make your own ~ make your own stars ~ be your own heroes
painted over manifestos ~ we don't have to do anything ~ but support each other~ trade and barter to create an independent country ~ inside this existing edifice
we don't have to move or take to the streets or destroy anything~ just walk around it ~ ignore it
they can't make us buy a new TV~ they can't make us dance to their songs ~pray to their money / gods / actors / objects
just start over~ as a moth
their world will be worthless
while ours could be anything we wanted~ with a new pattern~ a new template
they can only create / the artificial
we can slip between the grating of this cage~
move to unpopular places~
we hold this society/ this very country / propped up / this is ours
the death of the automobile
the tree could have feed us
the wealthy don't live here~ they inhabit some unmapped cities ~ and we are free
is it a crime to ask for my social security now ? to scream ~ i don't want to pay taxes
this all seems so easy, all it takes is a little self control, find a bike, go for a hike, stop reading magazines, have a tea party, try to keep it straight edge~ stay home~ buy nothing~ and the cage around us could wither, dry and vanish
just because we need a remodel doesn't mean we need a fire
we could try a simple path of . . . not doing anything



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