Edwardian space craft

terrifying device to induce hysterical laughter
the family w/ painted big boob tray
they actually hold the passengers upside-down with all their pocket change and hair and everything falling to the ground beggars
the country fair pictures women
the very idea of climbing within this beasts belly and spinning/ spinning / in utero
i want a rooster with long legs and a short. . .
chicken neck
cock plumage
feathery feet
that's one fancy cock / wattle
iridescent cock
that eye~
b/w pom-pom chickens
honky mini-fro
that's one plump hen
a pair of wonderful ducks
love the human hands reaching into the pen~ flaccidly ~ while all eyes on multi-way too human boobs
the real mother ship~ the crowning jewel of the state fair circuit / at least to me / so fancy / so perfect and unlike all the other schlocky airbrush painted crap~each panel is a work of art/ a landscape to some idyllic mountains, river valley, pasture landed dream, an advertisement for nothing but itself/ applied to surface onto which no eye falls/ the direction of the ride is out to the crowds head/ the other rides / the sky / the hills/ and hillbillies
like god's chandelier / completely and thoroughly painted /like Victorian graffiti
and one of the greatest rides / in it's simplicity / in it's art and architecture / in it's executions direct / place people on swings and turn
eclipse the sun / climb the alter stairs / swing and find satori
which i find upon the simple green of country farm land stretching away to drive-in theatres / clouds / forests edge / and corn /in rows / in September


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