dispatches from beneath the rain at occupy seattle

the days begin with startling displays of light and shadow/ shape and substance/ against powered sky fall
i've walked to Westlake Center in the rain and in the sun to listen to people speak out against / various grievances
ive been confused and embarrassed and have felt at home with strangers who want to change things / help each other / save the future of our children
i really like seeing Steampunks in real life
and street art / and anarchists and people in masks
a dialog of our collective future does not begin with statements of name calling / disgust/ hating/ haters/ or whether the kids are drinking coffee/ use computers / wear black or smell different that you / me
standing in circles just to talk, to voice opinion
i joined the art committee~ i am building waterproof signs~ huge signs
i picked all these up latter after they had been soaked with rain, the smell of wet cardboard ~ hurts my brain~ reminds me of cities from decades ago
people started to set up the tents/ later at night several dozen popped up
going to try and build a bunch of signs for this weeks general assembly
the rain crushed the crowd's size down today / dissension flowed around and too much smoke and breath like wine
i need to see the Infernal Noise Brigade reform and hit the streets ~ there is nothing on earth like an anarchists marching band
food and water was made available for the poor / i chewed gum and marched in wet shoes
this lady was absolutely covered with glitter, gold glitter
this mask is the most prominent image from the occupation

my occupation

i'm occupied

with the desire to overcome the fear/ conditioning of holding a strangers hand in the rain and cold


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