the occupation changes who you are

i pull over to talk to these three young nuts who have taken it upon themselves to occupy pike street with their art show/ performance peice of broken gear/ improvised tents and electronics laboratory ~
after one of the greatest weekends ever and a wonderful rally and march of over twothousand people and a 500 tent raising celebration followed by enlightenment by General Assembly~
Monday morning's 4:15 cry for help via text message came as quite the blow

when a military trained tactical squad of police on bikes with barricades descended upon women and children sleeping in tents
proceeded to destroy tents with boots/ knives and batons, arresting ten~ provoking all with insults/ fear and shock
why does a civilian population of peaceful protesters need to be raided and assaulted by stormtroopers
i receive word that while this is all transpiring ~ these very same men and women speaking up for us~ while they are losing / having all their gear destroyed and confiscated / while the police are fucking everything up/ these same people are saving the giant hand signs of protest /
so the parks and police officers don't just dump the art into the waiting garbage trucks
and i almost cry ~ over the absolute sheer goodness of these volunteers ~ who sleep in the rain~
who are awoken every hour by flashing lights and kicks in the feet~ and buffalo eyed all day by men with guns and sunglasses who work for the 1% plutocracy
while i take my children to run in the fields and corn maze of country roads memories
where i can pretend ~ everything is alright again~
and we can shoot pumpkins out of cannons across a grey skies explosion
this is my favorite kind of art
but to be honest with you ~everything seems cheap and superficial now/ that i want to be on the streets with strangers in the rain under the umbrella of people's mic and assembly
pumpkin cannon !!!
while my boys eat ice-cream for breakfast in the rainy cold autumn
and inhabit a future world / i will never see
at the suburban malls i see these high-school kids and their mom's out on the streets and i run to them and tell them how happy i am to see them out on street corners waving and holding signs~
while this building should house the office of external Arts of Occupy Seattle /like a fresh canvas ~ i just want to paint all these big creamy square shapes

the crazy
these water bowls looked like somebody or a group of somebodies had been using them as latrines/ before this couple of quiet hard working people came up the streets scooped out the yuck and then clean/ polished and filled with clean water and flowers~ these are good / brilliant urgent people who get things done/ and i love them

and i really want you to be one of them~ get out on the streets with us ~ NE!L~

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  1. Brilliant post, Neil. Paul and I were down at OWS this past Tuesday and rah rah shish boom bah I don't have the guts to pitch a tent but I sure as hell agree with, walk with, and consider myself one of the mighty 99.


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