i ate the rich~ they taste like chicken

Modified for the better / scream it ~ ROCKUPY ROCKUPY ROCKUPY
last night i built 17 signs for today's proteest, march and tent raising
i had to call Deav and have her come over and look at these beauties
i wish my drive-way always looked this good
and that this was my job / to put things on sticks for you to carry down streets
make love~ not banks
raise a chicken army the sign

Saturday's March and sit-ins and the tent raising followed by a heartbreaking General Assembly
moved us all so much i could barely drag myself up the hills to home
i can't explain how important all of this feels~ how incredibly dedicated and brilliant these people are
i feel like my hearts going to explode
to hear the power of one voice begging for this occupation to have some larger meaning to survive and build a newness unimagined
filled with art and people and some transcendence
debit / credit cards were passed to the front and burned and then sliced up
money was burned, streets were marched on, and sat on, speeches were made
did i say money was burned and people were pissed, it's like burning a flag i heard someone say
oooh. . . . look there's some protesters in the trees
hundreds of children
casually holding signs and texting
dear diary. . . shouldn't Westlake Mall have bathrooms on the 1st floor ~ shouldn't all buildings have public restrooms on the street level
a bored police force
and Art has arrived and people with tents
yesterday we owned the streets . . . today . . . we wait for the police to strike

@ 3 am they will come for you

but not NE!L~ i sleep in a home and work from here

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