who will be the first martyr ?

it could be anyone of us~ it could be you~but i hope not
my direct action squad builds signs deep into the night~
thank you P, K, T, M~ and my get away driver Deav~
people like black~
and man they nearly ripped me apart to get to these mini-shy-protester signs
we made sixty-five or these and they vanished into the crowd/ within minutes
onto bike
and into the hands of the 99%
these two guys rocked
black is for the redacted
then the police showed up and moved stuff around and rode bikes and horses
enjoyed the sun and helping the homeless move into other places
i love these people
and their beautiful big white teeth
and staring at the backs of their heads all day as people on stage . . . scream
this revolutionary was concerned that the red fist represented Communism, but i assured her that / no / in fact it stood for the bloody revolution to come
and. . .now with tattoos

but not NE!L
i will be out in the streets placing art in your hair~ leaving letters of love to your car~ and putting things on sticks

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