the first visitor~ snob
so much grass and weedy baby tree

i rode Shannon's bike around the trail to imprint it with permanence

i think people really think your playing a trick on them~ when you show them art~

second visitor~buzzed

today happened to be the Seattle University annual end of the year, off campus house to house drinky crawl, kids peeing everywhere, puking, the police movin' everyone along, the t-shirts this year read~
I'm not as think as you drunk

but thousands of drunk girls loved the show, great, you've impressed the keg stander's,
Jake's frightening work

i put up yard sale signs, without date or location

Henry, with this masterpiece of straightedge installation art, messages in bottles to and from actual drunks

next month Henry will be marooned on an actual island and will slowly throw these out to sea, while starving to death

Tim Fowler came by with four oil paintings and lots of good tales and chatter, thnx

drive passed his house over behind the YMCA to see his home art exhibit, sculptor, automobile, and massive fence

3,4 and 5 art lovers

the artist in office waiting to be driven some place exciting

Beatrix delivered a beautiful hand crafted dress with wonderful horse head and poppy, lovely. four hours by mass transit

thank you Orca's island gang, lets do, trade houses this summer~

Tinsel, carried this hundred pound sculpture with him across the state, love it, he keeps his welder in his satchel and creates landscaped and patina marvels

thnx to all for coming and thnx to Ms. Michelle for carrying all of these pieces around the corner and taking the kids to baseball and making all this yummy tea and pie
Love you~


  1. Great show, great venue. Good enlightened persepctive for the SU crawlers. Thank you, Neil and friends.

  2. WEll thanks for the comment and the visit Greta, loved the venue, too~

  3. Aw man I wish I coulda been there. At least my sis was there to represent! Great idea, great art, Viva Neilwaukee!

  4. very kreative! Loved it all, congrats. Thank you for sharing. el-mutante

  5. good stuff ...el-mutante


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