camp rave-claw

four adults, two children, two dogs and assorted gear, begin the weekend~ crowded~tight
my ear illuminated

trippin' out over the swirling pattern of grain in the log jam

the world ends in puddles~ mud puddles

i was hoping for some hot, whale on whale action

surf magazine generic art

two tarps, one smoky, smoky fire

it never stopped raining, it was as though summer had slipped passed and it was the end of October, without the swell

jazzercise girl adjusts the tarps

Rocky's dog Zeus shows up and there's a three way battle in the waves over stick and who can wear their teeth down to the gums

very wet, very, very pathetic~

camp rave-claw

the gang huddled~ looking for protection from sideways rain, wind and smoke induced burning eyes

i just loved this submerged old growth log and root ball, so vanishing



getting the hell outta' the rain and driving home, over it

on the ferry

the city under cloud over water~ home

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