mt. Si kills me

view from the roof

haystack scramble, which we didn't attempt, extreme caution is urged and after two hours and up 3,900 ft, i didn't feel like a scramble up rock face

Ed, Paul and Tim

look at that view, you could step off and fall and tumble two~thousand feet

dumping all the water weights, part of the training mission

camp robbers poaching snacks, watch the vid below for more bird action

you can hand feed them

i just love the huge cloud shadows

outdoor magazine's~Tim and Paul, getting ready for a steep climb down

i brought up the rear, no poles and packed snow for 2,ooo ft.

lowland forest

trying to get a clear shot from the freeway, of the shear face of the Mt.Si

damn scenic trees

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  1. loved the scenic photo's.but please don't tellme you are going to start mountain climbing now.pucci


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