vans again x 3

look, i bought another van, this '85 vanagon, is the factory sunroof, model, which leaks right now, but look at the size of that retractable roof
two vans in my driveway, this white one drives at least, i'm going to drive it around and see if it explodes

rusty seams, beat up, nose, crapped out interior, but it runs, just what i needed, a tranny, an engine and some axles

nice windshield, front grills, looks like it's lifted a bit, Ms. Michelle called dibs on the tires~she like 'dem Wildcats

Ugly side of the story, but it runs, and it has a tachometer, and to be honest, it actually runs better than my westy
Hello, my name is neil and i am a vanagonholic~


  1. I would like to appreciate you for sharing the cool snaps with us. I can't read your post completely, but I can say this vehicle can fulfill much of your deeds.

  2. Thumbs up! Cool roof. Done.....el-mutante


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