painting afield 2

today i painted a sign for the show~
forced Ms. M. to model for me~ thnx

this is how we prep/ paint out here in the west, first thing we do is scrub off other people painting, OPP

make other people participate, OPP

Big Jim the plumber liberated these panels for us, from the homeless camp

bomb the bomb people, 2010

if i were a real artist, i wouldn't even paint on these panels, i'd just hang 'em and make up some cockamamie verbiage

the play of storm clouds among tree branched spring cast shadows over youthful remembrance to my wiener 2010

a bomb for every person 2010

this is an idiot who says yes to a hike, on a Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm, wears chucks, no socks and climbs into a winter storm, blizzard, in May

and this is Tim and Pasquale who are equally as nutty

this beautiful sight greeted me this morning~ not surfable, but wonderfully pristine


  1. Love 'bomb the people'.......get some hiking shoes!

  2. response~

    i have hiking boots, but find chucks very comfy~
    are you ready to show us some art on the 15-16th
    hope so~


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