the tree and the dust chapter 11

Chapter 11
The littlest clam, sat in the tiny pool of filth and bathed in frozen acids, while it’s fingers stretched for kilometers across the room’s ship, the ship’s breaths, with an invisible touch it watched the world and spoke to it’s machines, who watched the human child, trapped within a snowglode world, turned over and over, shaken, to blizzard~
The Mother caressed her downy hair, with claw like fingers, woven of soft foam glass, muttering, in the language of human, while the captured infant burned and struggled against the tit, cried and wailed, even as the machine intelligence buried within her brain, planned and thought, experiment, squelching commands at the mother, every second, every micro second~ build shelter, create fire, ponder combustible, food, suit ? Space suit !
The intelligence hidden within the child, Sarrow, whispered and screamed, Kill the child, euthanize, abort, the surrounding environment possessed vast hurdle of insurmountable variables, this child can’t survive here, poking into the Mothers cobalt innards, stabbing, knifing, surgically lifting the veils of this creations charms
Found the tendrils, laced and buried leading to the vast mega ship world, and trailed down to the Verigee, the little bivalve bathed in ice, in absolute zero liquid spools, an icy micro intelligence,
Sarrow’s Assistant, backed away and left no trails, sliding sideways, back to the mother, I know where we are, Sarrow, this is a prison, a laboratory, or zoo, a space ship~ you can’t survive here,
And the babies brain, which couldn’t organize the motor control to manipulate it’s own hands, closed her eyes and looked within~
This artificial Mother will protect us~
We can trust it
Tell it to pull us in, rebuild it, I’m so hungry~
So while Sarrow suckled and ate, a broth of lactate, her enhanced brain probed the mother for some protocol to survival, against the snow, ice and wind, which was this world they’d all been thrown upon

While the Mother accepted the assistance intelligence, latched on through lips, to fibrous frozen mechanics, and the Assistant crawled inside the mother with one slow prodding pathway, and changed them both into other

Slow the babies time, creep the metabolism down to hibernation, and build an environment into which it can survive, searching other’s memories, searching the air the wind the ground the sky for some raw material, some material, some fiber, some source for warmth, a space suit, a thermal blanket, internal combustion, the sun, a star, a fire~

Nothing, a nothing world of cold icy rock

When she tastes it~ the minute, but vast flavor of bacteria. . .

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