american magazine eye death

when i watch old films, mostly noir, often times the characters will drift passed newsstands, or read papers and magazines~ and for me this is the most interesting part of film, these cluttered backgrounds of collected mania~ maybe it's the fleeting speed of this passing, the quick glimpse of some transitory burned world gone into ruin and historical lie~ some secret messages spelled out upon the covers sit stacked untouched, beside the train station a taxi stand, the drug store soda jerk, i want to read all these missing lost periodicals~ see what these people saw read thought~ but then the scene washes out away, and there is nothing left of this past

it's my hope that if you return to this post forty/fifty years from now~ that our glossy dreams and fantasy will somehow be as magical and full of power

magazine covers stab our eyes out with our own most uncontrollable animal desires~ i want breeder stock~ many young female

someone who can take care of me, feed me~ and really swing on a tire, are we actually still primates?

i want to~ really need to~ work out, so i too can strap a bikini over these muscles

my wife needs to replace me with young men with duck lips and brooding eyes, who rarely speak, but smolder~ look bored with gorgeous hair~

i need to join this pack, protect me from fat Americans invading, my muscles need to explode off of my bone and run through the streets searching for 24 hour fitness clubs

kill things~ eat things~ abort the wild places~ invade the forests nest with guns and waders

goddamnit~ i just want to shoot things and drive across corn fields with rifles~

no, i really do

my cars tell the world that i, am a shit pig~

young women with hair and make-up problems~ i want to save her, dive across the street before that crazy street racer runs her down, breaking off her legs below the knee,

oh, no, Pink died, or did she just join the Misfits

she really is 138, goddamnsonofabitch

reading is for wimps, the old and children

i only read violence

hungry~ so very hungry for so much cheesy food~ but how come there aren't drink magazines, like Crazy Iced Tea, Coffee Aficionado, LemonAid Parade

it's almost as if i could slip my head right into the collar and be an American man, forced to attend some function, prison uniforms, costume party, impromptu wedding~ office conditioning with polka dotted noose

life jockey ?

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