T&K went to NYC last week and went to B&H my favorite place to eat in the city, and where back when we were all skinny monsters with tiny shirts and giant boots and dumb haircuts and lived in apartments with rats, no heat, no furniture and a kitchen full of bikes, we used to eat at B&H almost every night, cold borscht, split pea, kasha, pirogies, fried eggs, with challah bread, old lady's peeling vegetables in the back, sitting down and frowning at us, old Puerto Rican guys, smiling and laughing, old Ukrainians telling us their whole lives over coffee so freakn' hot, back when Dave worked he'd call you a fag and spill your soup and curse at you, until he died, and they hung his picture on the wall Chocolate eggcreams!!!!!! on hot summer nights, man i wish i could have gone back to see Ralphy before he retired, he always told my girlfriend that she was much prettier than the last one~

i made a peach and apple pie x2 and Tim and Jake and I ate them both in seconds~

T&K brought me a loaf of challah, bread fresh from the better health dairy's little pudgy Ukrainian hands

you guys are the greatest~ thank you so much, but could you bring me another, Jake ate the whole thing, and what he didn't eat he touched, ewweyy !


made some signature placards

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