we will dump them at the city dump

somebody took uni-stork, and the A) side, the nu-man, cascadian and the show sign, notice of proposed painting

the rest of the show was piled up with other trash

this is how the world treats art, when it's not high priced, or hanging on a white wall

i don't need your permission, mr. Monty Biggs, the show was over anyway, i was just too lazy to go pick it up,
everyone seemed to love the show~
nobody i know loves an empty garbage strewn overgrown field with a giant proposal sign planted in it, for three years, plus loads of dog shit,
you're a bunch of real estate development fellows build something already~ what's the matter, no money ?

art is still free~

Jake and took the show home, now we have a van full of art, waiting to attack a field near you, in a seconds notice

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  1. Hey,
    I really enjoyed the show.

    It cheered me up while riding the bus and I'm sorry that some people value an empty lot full of dog sh*t more than they do art. :(

    I liked to look at your paintings though. I wish I could have seen Mr. Monty Biggs taking down your show because I would have have pulled the cord and gotten off the bus and gave him a piece of my mind!

    <3 g


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