the sinking ship

the book
the hotel that once lived on this lot

the sinking ship parking garage~ now

i really tried to like this building, just to be contrary, but couldn't~ it is just a building

from the roof of the Smith Tower

if your not from Seattle, you don't know this buildings, and you shouldn't know this building, you shouldn't know any buildings, they suck~ they killed all our trees, they divert all the rain, they've knocked all of our hills flat, they glom together to build towns and cities and sit there looking like shit~

but i digress~ this particular building~ the sinking ship as it is known to all, sits downtown at the bottom of Yesler hill like a great ramp to leap onto ferries and Olympic mountain tops~

from the water front looking up to the hills, it appears as it's name implies, a great concrete dreadnought sinking into what was once a small cove in the Puget sound

Sidney S. Andrews has written a most adorable book following this buildings historical pull from the cities founding, by land grabbing maniacs up to today's land stealing defunct Seattle Monorail Project

125 pages and i read it in one swallow, laid out on my back Sunday night, so very wonderfully interesting

this building both universally despised and absolutely without trace of grace or beauty, and i should know, all week i've tried to love this building, like a broken off piece of the Viaduct, like a remnant from some alternate universe's nuclear war Holocaust

so dark and crummy looking, run down, tweaked and listing hard into the world where Christine, and the cars win,

this building like a monster movie's establishing shot, vanishes the second you walk away, never to be thought of again, until you walk home and it hits you~

fucking ugly~

i find nothing to love here~

and now i do~ this book in my hands~ and this history written just for me~

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