install and paul

drove the kids down the road a little to check up on the show, Pasquale had called me yesterday, asking about this gorilla attack in his neighborhood~
then he called back~ because, apparently this field catches some strong winds and the whole show had been blown down

but he fixed it for me, what a great guy~ thanks Paul

the wind also broke some of the recycled stands so we brought tools and we fixed the show, on site, renegade, hiding from security patrols, state police and whores, pretending to be a family enjoying some murderously large dry field in the industrial depths of south Seattle

Somebody had been shot across the street a week earlier,
across the river, from here, in the eighties during the cold war days and Reagan, the star wars program was building laser missile defense shields under parking lots, but they don't kill art

that's not just a sign~ that's family

then we all drove to Pasquale's and looked at my old paintings, love the ice skating 4x4

this lovely, was from 100 one foot paintings, show, man, i loved that show, painted the whole thing in my studio in new york state, one icy cold winter, with frozen mice in my tea cup, this thing is titled PUSSY

way outta my league~

sweet gum

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