dear diary. . . painting A Lot

this morning at six thirty Jake and i loaded the attack van full of art, and drove out into the wasteland that is Marginal way~
blank for you, in this magical empty lot

the dawn patrol art poaching mission was a complete success,

marginal way and corson, down in georgetown, open 24 hours a day

these huge paintings look like miniatures in the man-made level environment

Paint'n a lot

vanishing point w/ paintings

dear diary,

i know everyone thinks of their own creation as somehow special, different, better, more interesting than all the other bloggy diary out there, in this cluttered wasteland of an electronic life, like love, a lover, a crazy weekend affair, you glow in the dark before my eyes, i can't stop thinking about you,

dear diary my fingers touch you, my eye searches the perfection that is your face, body and soul.

dear diary~ i have wanted to believe that you are wonderful interesting testament to perfect devotion, for you i would do anything,

dear diary, hold my hand as i slip through life's icy fingers across summer days alone with paintings, sweat and hair

dear diary, you know what i did today,

i exploded !

on other peoples doorways, i brushed my teeth, i grew my hair, i thought about the eighties, i voted with a gun, i tossed trash disguised as paintings out onto fields of wild invasive grasses,

i touched dogs with the tips of fingers, licked the rims of coffee cups, stirred things with spoons

ate, drank, bathed, swam, drove, lived, across the street from others peoples lives,

dear diary nobody cares about the color of your hair,

nobody cares about anybody else's dream,
this art show will be up for a few weeks, or until the land management folks call ~to tell me that they've had the show destroyed~
whichever comes first

this website offers the hobo, bum and dreamer, a place to live for free, free campsites around the states, so incredibly great, a fun read too, one of the guys at the Samba linked this, thnx

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