blank for you

hey, i made a sign, for next weeks new art bombing mission, ghoulishly coolish
made a bunch of these blanks to lay up, so the sloppy moppy kids won't tag my shit, and have something to interact with

saw this great graffiti sticker after i finished painting today and fell into this common thread running through our visual lives

lottsa black is always my solution

( A) sides and (B) sides~ the door paintings come painted on both sides, like an oldster .45~ but who decides which is the A, or the B

No, neil, don't preach the glorious sunny rays of straightedgeness~

AHU 35, 2010
air handling unit 35, from auburn, one of the first work paintings

detail schmeetal

self portrait as astronaut bum, 2010

detail, fleshy blobby bit

skyscraper spaceship/ while i work you watch t.v. puddles, 2010

for David Douglas~ logs of our fathers, 2010

i think the study was better, it's in the studio, come over and opine
when i get done with the glitter and glue, look for~
when your dead you'll have to face the unicorns

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